1. Casual Logo
Meant for chapters to use and replicate in lieu of using the crest and the superimposed KE, as that is a little outdated.  Will also be used in the KE store item production .
we want to use other symbols of pharmacy and KE: mortar and pestle, bowl of hygeia, rose, pearl, unicorn.  
2. Convention Logo
Aspects to include: mardi gras masks and colors, incorporation of the unicorn, play on bourbon street sign.
Please contribute ideas to incorporate the slogan for 2017, "come as you are, leave different", which is a slogan from Louisiana Travel.
This logo is going to be used on brochures and other convention materials.
3. 100 year anniversary logo
Devise something to use for overall branding for 100 year anniversary. Update Logo featuring image of Zada Cooper, founder of the fraternity.

4. Iconography -  for use on website and branding materials. Incorporate unicorn, pharmacy items, pearl, etc.

First Draft Cover Photo
Page 1: General Logo
Page 2: General Logo
Page 3: 100 Year Logo featuring Zada Cooper
Page 4: New Orleans (Mardi Gras) Convention Logos
Page 5: New Orleans convention advertisement and merchandise
Page 6: New Orleans convention marketing asset with beaded icons
Page 7: Convention Logos + Icons hanging from beaded necklaces
Page 8: Bourbon Street Signage - Convention assets for use in advertisements and print collateral
Page 9: Iconography

Second Draft Objectives: Change flowery pattern of Mardi Gras mask from the First Draft to incorporate gender neutral pattern options into the design. The Fraternity would like to appeal to both sexes moving forward. Kappa Epsilon began as an all women's Professional Pharmacy Fraternity in 1921 but as they embark on their 100th year anniversary, they have opened their membership doors to Men and would like to move outside of the original branding which was geared towards women.

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