Self-taught Graphic Designer Libby Yeager lives by the motto: “whatever energy we put into the world is the energy we get back.”

Having logged more than 300 hours a year to volunteer work for worthy causes, Libby has definitely overachieved in the giving-back category. Yet, she still finds the time to do standout work for IVM’s smart vending clients, such as Facebook, HP, Delta Air Lines and others. Her design and marketing firm, Look Good design, foreshadows what clients can expect when Libby unleashes her creative talents to design custom wraps for new IVM Smart Stations™ and lockers.

Much like a writer starts off staring at a blank page, Libby begins with a blank illustrator file. Then, as she says, “I go wild.” Depending on the client, her toolbox might contain a client logo, brand identity graphics or a particular theme she’s charged with bringing to life. However, if the company is a startup, it might be entirely up to her to create the brand’s new image.

“Having been a startup myself, I know both sides of the coin and that’s why I embark on every client journey as a lifelong partnership, rather than a simple client relationship,” she says.

For established companies, Libby learns everything she can about the brand, its values, tone and market perception. But she doesn’t impose any creative boundaries and is a self-professed “envelope pusher” when it comes to creativity. She freely admits, “imagination is my only limit, and some of it can be a little ‘out there’ for the norm in corporate America.”

But her clients certainly don’t complain.

She takes the same pride in giving startups or challenger brands newfound design footing to rally behind as the brands everyone admires. As far as the rest of the process goes, a step before the actual printing of the Smart Station or locker wrap, Libby creates a life-size version, then lays out the graphics and puts them into Photoshop, where she creates a 3-D rendering. There, clients can make any adjustments. But as Libby says, “this version is dead on with what the actual print version will look like.”

Custom wraps give companies unique ways to personalize IVM Smart Stations and lockers—really make them their own. The wraps essentially peel off and adhere to the Smart Station or locker as a final step in the production process. Made of durable vinyl the wraps look great and wear well on the machine. And, with a 24-hour turnaround promise, companies have the finishing touches on their machine without a moment’s delay.

Other design services Libby offers include logo design, website design and development, packaging, book cover art, museum signage, vehicle wraps, billboards and the list goes on.

With Libby’s sky-is-the-limit design possibilities, IVM Smart Stations and lockers are fully customizable, inside and out. Have you looked into getting yours yet?

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